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Mandatory Vaccination for CentreStage Staff and Contractors

Dear all CentreStage staff, contractors and future employees

Across Australia, the COVID-19 pandemic is having devastating effects. We appreciate how much you have already done to adapt during this challenging time. As you know, we have been taking preventive measures at CentreStage against COVID-19 for the past two years to help keep you, our entire staff, your families, and our participants safe. We have worked under some uncertain and often stressful conditions, and you have helped make it possible for us to continue our operations. After the announcement from Deputy Premier and the Victorian Government, it’s important that staff like you are vaccinated because of your role with vulnerable youth who may not be eligible for vaccination and therefore at a higher risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine gives you an added layer of protection against COVID-19 and could also protect your coworkers and your family. Here are some key points about COVID-19 vaccination:

  • All COVID-19 vaccines available in Australia are very effective at preventing the disease.

  • The most common side effects are pain in the arm where you got the shot, feeling tired, headache, body aches, chills, and fever. You will be guided through this process but encouraged to consult with a GP or Pharmacist prior to the injection.

  • Stopping a pandemic requires using all the tools we have available—wearing masks, staying at least 1.5m from people, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, washing your hands frequently, and getting vaccinated.

Your health and safety continue to be our priority and, to ensure convenient access to vaccination.

To find a local vaccination booking. To book a vaccination in Geelong Click here. In addition, you can find a same-day appointment via the Pharmacy network throughout Victoria by clicking here (Moderna).

Please scroll below to your role about essential dates for vaccinations.

A copy of every staff member's Double vaccination (pdf) must be downloaded and sent to to upload to your staff profile. You will not be able to work onsite or with students outdoors unless evidence of vaccination has been provided. Please do not send a screengrab, this must be documented in an original pdf format.

It is now a requirement for all staff for priority vaccination. Please note that there are immediate appointments for Moderna available today onwards and approximately a week wait for Pfizer appointment at State Hubs.

CPAA Staff including Admin, Costumes and theatre technicians:

  • 1) First dose for all must be by 18th October under the Department of Education ruling

  • 2) Second Dose for vaccination must be before 26th October under the creative industries roadmap guidelines

CentreStage Technical Team (Set Building, Admin, Operations, Technical)

  • 1) First dose for all must be by 18th October under the Department of Education ruling

  • 2a) Second Dose for vaccination by 29th of November

  • or 2b) If you are visiting external locations (cafes, restaurants, theatres, external locations) - You must have received your double vaccination by 26th of October.

FAQs for unvaccinated staff/Contractors and Casuals. The Equal Opportunity Act prohibits discrimination in certain areas of life, including employment and the provision of goods and services, based on protected attributes such as disability or religious belief or activity. Vaccination status is not a protected attribute under the Equal Opportunity Act. This means that discrimination law doesn’t offer protection for everyone who chooses not to get vaccinated, only for people who have one of the other protected attributes in the Equal Opportunity Act. If you have a medical exemption for vaccination based on health or disability reasons, you will be exempt from the above-mandated vaccination program. A copy of this vaccination exemption must be sent to for review. As a contracted, casual or salary staff member, you will be required to take your annual leave or leave without pay benefits until you are double vaccinated. You may be able to access the $450/$1500 payment in some rare circumstances. Please view DHHS for individual circumstances. Most staff (contracted) will not be offered shifts for regular classes until proof of vaccination is provided. To understand your vaccination rights click here (Human Rights Victoria). The following questions are answered on this website.

  • Is it discriminatory for my employer or a service provider to require me to get vaccinated?

  • What if my reasons for not getting vaccinated are connected with a protected attribute under the Act?

  • Are anti-vaccination views a protected attribute under the Equal Opportunity Act?

  • Am I protected under the Equal Opportunity Act if I can’t be vaccinated due to my religious beliefs?

  • Can an employer require employees to be vaccinated on health and safety grounds?

  • Is requiring employees to be vaccinated a ‘lawful and reasonable direction’ under employment law?

  • Can a provider of goods and services require customers or visitors to be vaccinated on health and safety grounds?

More information from Fairwork Victoria

Kindest Regards, David Greenwood Managing Director


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