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CentreStage Performing Arts Academy

After experiencing huge success, our program engages young people in all facets of performing arts by offering a wide range of opportunities and experiences to develop skills and expose young performers to various aspects of the industry. As Geelong's largest theatre tuition program, we continue to provide assurance and quality with DET and DHHS approved guidelines that result in student growth and inclusion. CentreStage offers parents ease-of-mind knowing that their child is being taught by registered staff including VIT (Teachers) and industry professionals. 


At CentreStage we’re always looking for ways to support emerging young performers to develop their skills and participate in musical theatre productions. In 2020, CPAA worked with 200 emerging performers to expand their skills and hone their talents. CPAA was established in response to overwhelming demand from the families and has continually expanded each year.

As a member of the CentreStage Performing Arts Academy (CPAA), you will have the opportunity to learn new skills, develop a performance portfolio, participate in a range of musical theatre performances and experiences and build an amazing network of theatre friends.

We would like to welcome you to the CentreStage family and look forward to your involvement in our exciting Performing Arts Academy.

The class times are below to select from


Sub Junior Troupe: Saturday 9-10 (Ages 4-5)

Junior Troupe: Saturday 10-12 (Ages 5-8)

Middle Troupe: Saturdays 9am-12.00pm or 12.30pm - 3.30pm (Grades 3-6 at Primary School)

Senior Troupe: Saturdays 9am-12.00pm or 12.30pm - 3.30pm (Years 7-12 at Secondary School)

Weekly Musical Theatre Classes

CentreStage Geelong has always recognised the need for an educational platform to cater to both the Geelong and Australian Theatre Market. Our aim is to provide outstanding and measurable learning outcomes designed by some of Geelong’s best educators and performers.

The Academy of Performing Arts is designed to target the needs of key age groups for young people from the ages 4-18. The program has been designed to engage youth and adolescents to further not only their performance skills, but additionally their theatre etiquette, practical skills (costumes, make up etc) and provide opportunities to work alongside some of Australia’s leading theatre professionals.


Throughout the four term tuition program, which runs concurrently with school terms, students, will have the privilege of visiting up to two large scale musicals produced by CentreStage and performed by a cast of talented adults in Geelong’s local amateur theatre community.

The CentreStage Performing Arts Academy will offer five streams in 2019:

-The Young Performers Tuition Program
-The Adult Performers Tuition Program
-The Elite Tuition Program
- School holiday intensive tuition program

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