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Puffs Postponed - Ticket Holder Information

Following the latest announcements from the Victorian Government, performances of Puffs will be postponed from August 6 to August 19th . With the support of Origin Theatrical, we have secured an extended season for August 20-September 4. Select original performances have remained unchanged, However, your tickets have been affected and we are contacting you to re-organise tickets.

Please note we have extended the season to include a total of 10 performances from August 20-September 4

Automatically, our team will re-assign tickets to the best ability as per below as per general LPA guidance. Alternatively, if the new scheduled time does not suit you, please email as per the below directions.

Option 1 (This will be applied automatically in the next 24 hours. You will receive copies of new tickets via registered email)

All tickets will be automatically re-assigned in the season. We understand this won't suit every patron and have various options.

Tickets for Aug 6 will be moved to Aug 20

Tickets for Aug 7 will be moved to Aug 21

Tickets for Aug 8 will be moved to Aug 22

Tickets for Aug 13 will be moved to Aug 27

Tickets for Aug 14 will be moved to Aug 28

Tickets for Aug 15 will be moved to Aug 29

Tickets for Aug 19 will be moved to Aug Sep 2

*All other performances remained unchanged.

Option 2 The Automatic date change does not suit me.

That's Ok. Simply email or call (03) 5272 1775 to switch to any performance (pending availability). Our team will happily help you coordinate this. Please ensure you email/call us with the email used for the Booking + the performance you originally booked for to allow our team to better help you. All new performance times can be found at (Aug 20-Sep 4).

Option 3 Donate my Tickets

We understand that sometimes people purchase tickets to support community theatre. The new dates may not suit you but you still want to support community theatre. Please email to organise your donation and we'll send out a thankyou merch pack for your support

Option 4 Organise a Refund

Our team is happy to refund any tickets. Simply email us using the booking email and outline your original performance date. Alternatively, call 52721775.

We thank you for supporting local arts.

Kindest Regards,

David Greenwood


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