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My Special Place by Elyssa Jeffreys

Elyssa Jeffreys in Cinderella the Musical 2019

-Extract from Sacred Heart College from Cinderella junior member Elyssa Jefreys

Do you have ‘that place’? The place where you feel calm and collected, where it builds an invisible wall around you that makes you feel safe and protected. Where the excitement of being in ‘that place’ oozes from your fingertips making you literally unable to contain yourself. Well I know I have that place. For me ‘that place’ is the theatre. But not so much going to the theatre, I love being behind the scenes. What all of those innocent theatre-goers don’t see. The pureness and excitement of what it’s really like to perform on stage.

When I first arrive at the foyer, the nerves and realisations creep in that I have to perform my heart out (on the stage) in front of all of the judgemental audience members! Then I walk down the long and steep stairwell that leads you to the 'Stage Door'. After I chat with the staff member at the Stage Door I pass my favourite spot – The Greenroom! The Greenroom is a general area where all of the performers can hang out and go to between scenes. I love going there because there are two televisions which play a live feed of how the show is progressing. This helps me not only enjoy the show, but keeps me organised and ready for my cues.

Next I go to my dressing room; and although I share the room with other people, I generally feel the calmest in there. It’s a place where I can reflect on my previous scenes and prepare for the show ahead!

After all of the pre-show preparations are finished, I start to really think about my upcoming performance. This makes my stomach churn and butterflies start to take over my body!

Once I have lugged my costumes and props up another huge staircase I finally make it to side stage. The misty air flows through my fingertips and the smell of smoke fills the air. Now I can only see the silhouettes of people as the show has started and the lights become dim and dark. To my right side, I can see the set pieces tucked away in the corner awaiting their need onstage. To my left side is the stage itself!

All the bright lights, sweaty faces, perfectly sewn costumes and talented people create the magic of theatre. After my adventures backstage, I am a bundle of joy and I can’t wait to go back there again. As William Shakespeare once wrote, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.’

Elyssa Jeffreys, 7FC


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