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Les Misérables is taking CentreStage at Costa Hall Geelong.

CentreStage is delighted to announce the exciting new cast of Boublil and Schönberg’s LES MISÉRABLES at the larger-than-life theatre (spanning more than 20 metres wide, almost double the size of the original Geelong Arts Centre stage) from June 3, 2022.

Nick Addison will play ‘Jean Valjean’, Shaun Kingma ‘Javert’, Erin Cornell ‘Fantine’, Shani Clarke ‘Eponine’, Storm Randall 'Marius', Barry Mitchell Thénardier’ ,' Michele Marcu ‘Madame Thénardier’, Samuel Allsop ‘Enjolras’ and Jessica Faulkner ‘Cosette’.

They will be joined by Amy Whitfield, Ashleigh Nearn, Ashley Thompson, Ava Davies, Ava Wiese, Bailey Mitrovski, Bella Harper, Ben McNaughton, Bram Harris, Campbell Van Elst, Charlotte Charles, Cheryl Campbell, Dan Eastwood, Daniel Lim, Ella Edwards, Emerson Hudson-Collins, Evie Walsh, Finn Jaques, Jack Barthel, Jack McPhail, Jasmin Wilson, Jennifer Stirk, Jess Senftleben, Jessie Grinter, Jett Sansom, Joshua Vucicevic, Kevin Chang, Laura Williams, Leticia Bayliss, Louise Walter, Lucy Head, Lucy Martin, Marja Le Hunt, Michael Cunningham, Murray Plowman, Ned White, Nelfio Di Marco, Nicole Hickman, Paris Walsh, Paul Noonan, Rimon Abohaidar, Rory Clark, Sabrina Horne, Samarah Parker, Sienna Campbell, and Zoe Baker

This year. Les Misérables marks 160 years since Victor Hugo’s original story was released. “I am thrilled that we have found a brilliant and exciting cast to open this brand-new production in my hometown Geelong which has become a theatre staple in our community. I am particularly delighted that Director Martin Croft will be leading the company. Martin has starred in most of the major shows of the last 25 years in Australia, the U.K. and USA including Les Misérables, Come From Away, Godspell, Cats, Miss Saigon, and The Phantom of the Opera” – David Greenwood (Managing Director of CentreStage Pty Ltd)

“It is a testament to Víctor Hugo’s timeless masterpiece and Boublil & Schönberg’s brilliant musical adaptation that Les Misérables continues to attract such stellar talent to the world’s longest running musical.”

Les Misérables will be staged at Costa Hall Geelong from June 3 – June 11 with strictly limited performances. Tickets are now on sale via

For the full cast list, read below:

The Cast Of Les Misérables

Jean Valjean: Nick Addison

Javert: Shaun Kingma

Fantine: Erin Cornell

Eponine: Shani Clarke

Cosette: Jessica Faulkner

Enjolras: Samuel Allsop

Marius: Storm Randall

Thenardier: Barry Mitchell

Madame Thenardier: Michele Marcu

Little Cosette: Jessie Grinter and Samarah Parker

Young Eponine: Zoe Baker and Evie Walsh

Gavroche: Emerson Hudson-Collins, Campbell Van Elst and Daniel Lim

Claquesous: Jack McPhail

Combeferre: Ashley Thompson

Feuilly: Bram Harris

Courfeyrac: Jack Barthel

The Bishop of Digne: Dan Eastwood

The Foreman + Fauchelevant: Michael Cunningham

Bamatabois: Ben McNaughton

Montparnasse: Joshua Vucicevic

Babet: Jett Sansom

Brujon: Bailey Mitrovski

Joly: Finn Jaques

Grantaire: Nelfio Di Marco

Lesgles: Kevin Chang

Jean Prouvaire: Rory Clark


Amy Whitfield

Ashleigh Nearn

Ava Davies

Ava Wiese

Bella Harper

Charlotte Charles

Cheryl Campbell

Ella Edwards

Jasmin Wilson

Jennifer Stirk

Jess Senftleben

Laura Williams

Leticia Bayliss

Louise Walter

Lucy Head

Lucy Martin

Marja Le Hunt

Murray Plowman

Ned White

Nicole Hickman

Paris Walsh

Paul Noonan

Rimon Abohaidar

Sabrina Horne

Sienna Campbell


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