Geelong Arts Festival

The Geelong Arts Festival is a two day expo for artists, professionals, creatives, and the Geelong performing arts community.

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The Geelong Arts Festival is an expo for artists, professionals, creatives, and the Geelong performing arts community. It combines a fun atmosphere in the form of workshops and seminars that will allow individuals and organisations to develop their skills and network with like-minded thespians.

Throughout each day, you will be able to join in various 1-hour workshops that explore direction, lighting, sound, dance, independent producing skills, and lots more. Each session will be overseen by a Industry professionals and provide opportunities to network with like-minded creatives.

The G.A.F will be staged at the Geelong Arts Centre on the 2nd and 3rd of July with the proud support of the Geelong Arts Centre’s Creative Engine and the City of Greater Geelong

Fri 2 Jul: 10am - 5.15pm, followed by a networking event with entertainment from HASSALL. Sat 3 Jul: 9am - 5.15pm, followed by headliner performance (announced soon). Included in ticket price.

Sessions will include:

On with the show with Michaela Powell! To launch the Geelong Arts Festival, you will be treated to a private performance and Q and A from an international musical theatre Michaela Powell recently appearing in School of Rock. This session will be on Friday July 2nd 10.15am-11.15am. This performance is included in day 1 tickets for free.

A Royal Experience: Take time to relax with our major headliner act. Theatre royalty will take you on a choose your own adventure style production where you select what comes next. This artist has toured the world for the past 20+ years and proud to be home where see continues to develop artist’s skills. This performance is approximately an hour long and will be on Saturday July 3rd evening to conclude the event. This performance is included in day 2 tickets for free.

Yoga and Wellbeing with Fiona Luca: Unwind with where her utmost focus is on equality, positivity, inclusiveness and knowledge in practice. Her Yoga classes and workshops concentrate on alignment, flow and balance with a light-hearted and accessible approach, catering for all ages, levels and abilities.