Announcing the three 'jolly' casts of Elf Jr. by CentreStage Performing Arts Academy

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

CentreStage are delighted to announce three jolly cast for our October "middles" production of Elf Jr. Congratulations to everyone. Production week and performances will take place between 19th-25th October

Shortly we will be releasing our Addams Family Jr. casts (senior troupe) once casting has been finalised.

Tickets for all performances will be on sale shortly.

Middles Blue

Buddy: Layla Best

Mr Claus: Declan Parisi

Mrs Claus: Ellie Morgan

Walter Hobbs: Leah Dellar

Emily Hobbs: Ella White

Brother #1 (Michael): Molly Martin

Brother #2 (Max): Clementine Roydhouse

Jovie: Indigo Walter

Charlie: Scarlett Punda

Shawanda: Sienna Conway

Sam: Xanthe Stangel

Deb: Eibhlinn Sharkey

Manager: Evie Gibson

Fake Santa: Ada Corcoran

Sarah: Lily Rossiter

Mr Greenway: Milla Borys

Chadwick: Isla Moreland

Matthews: Evie Dawson

Charlotte Dennon: Xaidy Salajan

Elf Ensemble

Aisling Sharkey

Chet Pobjoy

Emma Rijnvis

Isabella Watts

Lila Kerr

Madeline Orr

Milla Best

Ruby Picone

Samara Plastini-Robbins

Sofia Delgadinho

New Yorker Ensemble

Amelie Mrkusic

Charlotte Tilley

Ella Newton

Ella Rossiter

Elly Pikoulas

Elsie Tischler

Libby Orr

Macy Hyatt

Maddison O’Neill

Matilda Hardwick

Matilda Inglis

Naomi Rijnvis

Rori McKinnon

Saskia Visser-Hodson

Dance Captains

Eibhlinn Sharkey

Evie Gibson


Middles Green

Buddy: Katie McKeague

Mr Claus: Levi Aitken

Mrs Claus: Chloe Farrar

Walter Hobbs: Ted Hart

Emily Hobbs: Piper Boddington

Michael: Matilda Kay

Jovie: Milla Scott

Charlie: Isabel White

Shawanda: Lyra Malone

Sam: Hamish Veronie

Deb: Kezia Berends

Manager: Olive Pobjoy

Fake Santa: Audrey Hanneysee

Mr Greenway: Daniel Lim

Chadwick: Madison Brown

Matthews: Charlotte McGuiness

Charlotte Dennon: Winter Jarwood

Elf Ensemble

Audrey Bryan

Brydie Booth

Cooper Sharp

Elsi Fletcher

Finley Rae

Harper Anderson

Indi McDonald

Lila Moorfoot

Luca Veronie

Stella Smith

New Yorker Ensemble

Allora Chandler

Connor McKinnon

Erin Barling

Kayla Booth

Lucy Barr

Maggie McKeague

Mali McAuliffe

Tess McKeague

Luca Veronie

Dance Captains

Kayla Booth

Madison Brown


Middles Red

Buddy: Charlie Cowled

Santa Claus: Archie Hudson-Collins

Walter Hobbs: Sophia Grant

Emily Hobbs: Emily Cowled

Michael Hobbs: Emerson Hudson-Collins

Jovie: Tess Chatham

Charlie: Frankie Davis

Shawanda: Mia Hayden-Brooks

Deb: Rose Gladki

Manager: Lucas Rankin

Fake Santa: Ruby Brooks

Mr Greenway: Hugo Paic

Chadwick: Finn Palamara

Matthews: Claudia Cumming

Charlotte Dennon: Sofia Knight

Featured Ensemble:

Anabelle Rodgers

Beth Cox

Bonnie Cox

Jessica Borg

Laura McConnell

Maeve Cornford

Poppy Corneby

Savannah White

Siena Rankin

Dance Captains

Rose Gladki

Sofia Knight

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