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Classes temporarily postponed

Dear CentreStage families,

Earlier today Premier Dan Andrews announced new restrictions relating to the COVID cluster at Holiday Inn Melbourne. These new restrictions are to protect our families and CentreStage will continue to ensure our families receive great ''value for money' in a safe and supportive environment.

Please note the following.

1. Classes on 13/2/2021 and 15/2/2021 (Saturday and Monday) will be postponed with additional classes scheduled in to make up the loss of time.

2. On Saturday 13/2/2021, CentreStage will make available non-compulsory livestream - Please refer to CareMonkey emails and SeeSaw accounts for detailed information.

3. To ensure families have money, a makeup class (Junior, Middle and Senior Troupes) will be added on 17th April (Saturday before classes resume) at normal times. This will be updated in your class schedule in the student portal.

4. Elite classes will be extended 45 mins for the first 3 weeks (post 5 day closures) to ensure they are able to complete the full masterclass series with Martin Croft. Classes will be 5-8pm on 22/2,1/3,8/3. This will be reflected in the class schedule located in the student portal.

We thank parents and students for their continued support of CentreStage. If any families require support through this challenging time, please visit our health and wellbeing portal or email

In the next week, further class information will be sent out via SeeSaw from your teachers. Please ensure you can access SeeSaw either on a phone or pc.

From the CentreStage Team.


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