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CentreStage Students are "Whipping Into Shape" with Legally Blonde Jr.

CentreStage is delighted to announce our various casts for Legally Blonde Jr. To purchase tickets, click here.

Scroll below for more information.

We would like to thank all the students and families for their hard work in preparing and applying themselves to their Legally Blonde JR auditions. This year our students were able to provide the skills they learned throughout Term 1, and we felt that overall our troupes were more relaxed and able to present their skillsets more effectively at auditions.

The teaching and executive staff are very proud of all of our students! It can be such a daunting task but each student performed their best, did a great job, and hopefully learnt something that they can take into future auditions.

Scroll below to visit the Cast Lists.

Seniors Troupe Cast Lists
Download PDF • 269KB


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