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De-Role Meditation

Working in the performing arts requires huge amounts of physical and emotional energy. Meditation can help to harness that energy for the moments we need it most. Whether you’re performing, recharging, getting out of character, or just relaxing, we hope you find this meditation helpful.

Meditations designed and delivered by Deone Zanotto, owner and founder of Performance Based Meditation.(opens in new window) Shortly after winning the green card lottery, Deone moved to New York and was almost immediately cast in a Broadway show. Not sleeping well, and under incredible stress, Deone found meditation, and suddenly her life looked completely different. She began sleeping through the night, and handled the pressures of her new job with ease, grace and joy.

Deone is passionate about meditation, and has had a daily practice for more than 13 years. After studying in New York and Los Angeles she decided it was time to share her skills with other performing arts workers.



7 minutes

This meditation helps you to get out of a character, out of a show, or even out of a scene and get back into your own body. It involves running your hands over your body and flicking away energy with gratitude.


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