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Step in Time with CentreStage: Mary Poppins Jr. Cast Announcement!

Excitement fills the air as CentreStage proudly unveils the talented cast of their upcoming production, "Mary Poppins Jr." With a flurry of whimsy, magic, and toe-tapping tunes, this beloved classic is set to enchant audiences of all ages. Join us as we embark on a journey through the streets of London, where anything can happen if you let it!

"Mary Poppins Jr." is a heartwarming tale of the magical nanny, Mary Poppins, who arrives on Cherry Tree Lane to care for the Banks children, Jane and Michael. With her unique blend of stern discipline and boundless imagination, Mary takes the children on unforgettable adventures, teaching them valuable lessons along the way. From flying kites to dancing on rooftops, each moment is filled with wonder and joy.

As the Banks family navigates their own trials and tribulations, Mary Poppins and her friend Bert, the lovable chimney sweep, show them that with a spoonful of sugar and a bit of imagination, even the impossible becomes possible. With iconic songs like "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and "Chim Chim Cher-ee," this timeless tale reminds us all to embrace the magic in everyday life.

Congratulations to the talented cast members who have been chosen to bring this enchanting story to life! Your dedication and passion will undoubtedly shine on stage, captivating audiences with each performance.

Tickets for "Mary Poppins Jr." are now available for purchase at Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of CentreStage's production of this beloved classic. We can't wait to see you under the sea of umbrellas, ready to step in time with Mary Poppins and her delightful cast!

Mary Poppins Jr Cast - Seniors A

Mary Poppins: Claudia Soppitt

Bert: Campbell Van Elst

George Banks: Declan Parisi

Winifred Banks: Ash May

Jane Banks: Ainsleigh Gray

Michael Banks: Lucinda Kurelja

Mrs Brill: Molly Stewart

Roberston Ay: Molly Martin

Katie Nanna (+ ensemble): Mariella Valente

Neleus (+ ensemble): Heidi Bush

Birdwoman (+ ensemble): Ella White

Bank Chairwoman (+ ensemble): Xanthe Stangel

Northbrook (+ ensemble): Hiro Bigmore

Von Hussler (+ ensemble): Jake Kuhne

Mrs Corry (+ ensemble): Ella Plowman

Miss Andrew (+ ensemble): Alannah Brajkovic

Ensemble (Statue): Siarra Moor

Ensemble (Statue): Lily McIntosh

Ensemble (Miss Smythe): Zeb Edwards

Ensemble (Annie): Siarra Moor

Ensemble (Fannie): Lily McIntosh

Ensemble (Messenger): Charlotte Tilley

Ensemble (Policeman): Alistair Fusella

Ensemble (Soloist 1): Lyra Malone

Ensemble (Soloist 2): Lila Kerr

Ensemble (Soloist 3): Mariella Valente

Ensemble (Soloist 4): Charlotte Tilley

Ensemble (Mrs Northbrook): Mathena Chan

Ensemble (Lily Northbrook): Lucinda Jin

Ensemble (Elizabeth Northbrook): Lyra Malone

Ensemble (Miss Lark): Amirah Zeneldin

Ensemble (Park Keeper): Apphia Jones

Ensemble (Queen Victoria): Ella Plowman

Ensemble (Vagrant): Amirah Zeneldin

Ensemble (Busker): Sienna Cerantonio

Ensemble (Hooligan): Zeb Edwards

Dance Captain: Heidi Bush

Assistant Dance Captain: Alannah Brajkovic

Vocal Captain: Ella White

Mary Poppins Jr Cast - Seniors B

Mary Poppins: Andie Byrne

Bert: Devi Berends

George Banks: Emerson Hudson-Collins

Winifred Banks: Allora Chandler

Jane Banks: April Fifer

Michael Banks: Olivia Maurer

Mrs Brill: Nicola Van Der Meer

Roberston Ay: Archie Gaylard

Katie Nanna (+ ensemble): Rori McKinnon

Neleus (+ ensemble): Isabel White

Birdwoman (+ ensemble): Bella Watts

Bank Chairman (+ ensemble): Zanda Day

Northbrook (+ ensemble): Seafra McConville

Von Hussler (+ ensemble): Connor McKinnon

Mrs Corry (+ ensemble): Olive Pobjoy

Miss Andrew (+ ensemble): Audrey Hanneysee

Ensemble (Statue): Ella Hase

Ensemble (Statue): Grace Britnell

Ensemble (Miss Smythe): Klover Clements

Ensemble (Annie): Kiera Walker

Ensemble (Fannie): Imogen O’Shannessy

Ensemble (Messenger): Chet Pobjoy

Ensemble (Policeman): Klover Clements

Ensemble (Soloist 1): Ella Hase

Ensemble (Soloist 2): Grace Britnell

Ensemble (Soloist 3): Chet Pobjoy

Ensemble (Soloist 4): Seafra McConville

Ensemble (Mrs Northbrook): Lily Malone

Ensemble (Lily Northbrook): Brooke Van Der Meer

Ensemble (Elizabeth Northbrook): Neeka Conway

Ensemble (Miss Lark): Lucinda Willis

Ensemble (Park Keeper): Caspian Hume

Ensemble (Queen Victoria): Brooke Van Der Meer

Ensemble (Vagrant): Neeka Conway

Ensemble (Busker): Rori McKinnon

Ensemble (Hooligan): Jessie Donaldson

Dance Captain: Isabel White

Assistant Dance Captain: Grace Britnell

Vocal Captain: Olive Pobjoy

Mary Poppins Jr Cast - Seniors C

Mary Poppins: Lilly Glover-Smith

Bert: Addison Fowler

George Banks: Jenson Calvert

Winifred Banks: Matilda Kay

Jane Banks: Isla Bright

Michael Banks: Shiloh Waddell

Mrs Brill: Harriet Stepto

Roberston Ay: Hector Gleeson

Katie Nanna (+ ensemble): Charli Harper

Neleus (+ ensemble): Saxon Wilde

Birdwoman (+ ensemble): Dakota Sykes

Bank Chairman (+ ensemble): James McBride

Northbrook (+ ensemble): Ethan Vohmann

Von Hussler (+ ensemble): Hugo Paic

Mrs Corry (+ ensemble): Zoe Winiecki

Miss Andrew (+ ensemble): Alexia Ficca

Ensemble (Statue): Hannah Dreise

Ensemble (Statue): Georgia Van Hammond

Ensemble (Miss Smythe): Jess Barrow

Ensemble (Annie): Sophie Branson

Ensemble (Fannie): Mia Filipovic

Ensemble (Messenger): Grace Dorman

Ensemble (Policeman): Talia McBride

Ensemble (Soloist 1): Macca Williams

Ensemble (Soloist 2): Eve Bibby

Ensemble (Soloist 3): Emma Inderberg

Ensemble (Soloist 4): Jess Rodriguez

Ensemble (Mrs Northbrook): Tegan Watson

Ensemble (Lily Northbrook): Vogue Schultz

Ensemble (Elizabeth Northbrook): Annabelle Scott

Ensemble (Miss Lark): Alex McKewan

Ensemble (Park Keeper): Dream Hoystead

Ensemble (Queen Victoria): Tegan Watson

Ensemble (Vagrant): Maddie French

Ensemble (Busker): Eve Bibby

Ensemble (Hooligan): Emma Inderberg

Dance Captain: Georgia Van Hammond

Assistant Dance Captain: Zoe Winiecki

Vocal Captain: Macca Williams

Mary Poppins Jr Cast - Seniors D

Mary Poppins: Savannah White

Bert: Daniel Lim

George Banks: Jayden Adcock

Winifred Banks: Sarah Carrington

Jane Banks: Caitlin Clark

Michael Banks: Eva Jenkins

Mrs Brill: Amelia Senftleben

Roberston Ay: Ilija Pavlovic

Katie Nanna (+ ensemble): Sarah Donselaar

Neleus (+ ensemble): Magdalena Jones

Birdwoman (+ ensemble): Millie Tognon

Bank Chairwoman (+ ensemble): Jaya Newton

Northbrook (+ ensemble): Owen McCoughtry

Von Hussler (+ ensemble): Emily Flynn

Mrs Corry (+ ensemble): Scarlett Punda

Miss Andrew (+ ensemble): Alicia Jenkins

Ensemble (Statue): Caitlin White

Ensemble (Statue): Macy Hyatt

Ensemble (Miss Smythe): Ella McLean

Ensemble (Annie): Mallory Burke

Ensemble (Fannie): Lucy Symes

Ensemble (Messenger): Alberta Blakston

Ensemble (Policeman): Lan Khallouf

Ensemble (Soloist 1): Clara Duxson

Ensemble (Soloist 2): Ella McLean

Ensemble (Soloist 3): Mia Hayden-Brooks

Ensemble (Soloist 4): Harper Anderson

Ensemble (Mrs Northbrook): Freya Smith

Ensemble (Lily Northbrook): Madison Shaw

Ensemble (Elizabeth Northbrook): Tahlia Sharkey

Ensemble (Miss Lark): Claudia McPherson

Ensemble (Park Keeper): Emily Rattray

Ensemble (Queen Victoria): Mia Hayden-Brooks

Ensemble (Vagrant): Clara Duxson

Ensemble (Busker): Poppy Corneby

Ensemble (Hooligan): Freya Birrell

Dance Captain: Magdalena Jones

Assistant Dance Captain: Emily Flynn

Vocal Captain: Jaya Newton


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