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West Side Story Auditions

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The moment the curtain went up on the original West Side Story on Broadway, musical theatre changed forever.

Hailed as the greatest Broadway musical of all time, the genius of West Side Story’s creators is unquestioned. The remarkable collaboration between Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Laurents, Stephen Sondheim and Jerome Robbins produced a timeless masterpiece .

An undisputed and timeless masterpiece, West Side Story features an unforgettable score and songs that have been adored for generations, including “Maria”, “Tonight”, “Somewhere”, “America” and “I Feel Pretty”. This iconic dance musical remains one of the most poignant stage works of the 20th century.

This vibrant stage production features Bernstein’s world-famous score including unforgettable songs that have been universally adored for generations; proving this iconic dance musical remains one of the most poignant stage works of the twentieth century.

A modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet; this tragic love story tells the tale of two young people whose happiness is destroyed by the hate of two enemy camps in New York City’s urban jungle. The “Jets”, sons of previous immigrants to America, battle the new arrivals from Puerto Rico, the “Sharks”, for domination of the streets.

Produced by the multi-award-winning team at CentreStage, this vibrant new staging will feature our region’s most exciting talent from the production team to cast and orchestra. Coupled with Jason Bovaird’s award winning lighting design and the awe-inspiring costume pieces, this is a production you won’t want to miss!

*No Audition form is required for this production. Data you input during the booking process will be used to mailmerge your audition form. A photo and audition number will be issued at your dance audition.

Producers: Michele Marcu and David Greenwood

Assistant Producer: Marnie Parkinson (Mental Health, Wellbeing & Inclusion)

Assistant Producer: Dara Karlusic (Corporate Relations and Procedures)

Assistant Producer: Kefie Amlaku (Volunteers and Rehearsal Support)

Assistant Producer: Brett Greenwood (Costume and Production Support)


Director: Robbie Carmellotti

Assistant Director: Jess Zintschenko

Musical Director: Brad Treloar

Vocal Director: Tania Grant

Choreographers: Ali Simpson and Jesse Simpson

Stage Manager: TBC

Assistant Stage Managers: Rachael McKinnon and Remi Chandler

Sound Design: Nick O'Connor

Lighting Design: Jason Bovaird

Properties: Tegan Robertson

Hair and Makeup: Zoe Smith

Costume Design: Sharon Clearwater

Sets and Construction: Keith Greenwood, Paul Lane, Rodney Bennett,

Chris Lim, Joel Lane, Brett Greenwood

Front of House Manager: Jo Cook

Photography: Peter Foster


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