CentreStage are delighted to announce the various casts for the 2019 CPAA program.

CentreStage are delighted to announce their various casts for the following CPAA shows. (6 in total)

Jr. Showcase Cast:

Harper Anderson

Sky Atwill

Indie Ball

Sofia Delgadinho

Elsi Fletcher

Adele Greenwood

Audrey Hanneysee

Paige McKay

Jax McDonald

Scarlett Moroney

Isabella O’Connell

Ruby Picone

Ruby Potton

Imogen Premraj

Finley Rae

Summer Richards

Lucy Ritchie

Harlow Salajan

Stella Smith

Coco Young

Alice in Wonderland Jr Cast:

ALICE: Ella White

CHESIRE CAT 1: Lilly Rossiter

CHESIRE CAT 2: Georgia Slaymaker

CHESIRE CAT 3: Libby Orr




DODO BIRD: Xaidy Salajan


TWEEDLE DEE: Declan Parisi

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Piper Boddington

SMALL ALICE: Charlotte Tilley

TALL ALICE: Isabelle Bowman


ROSE (FLOWER: )Milla Best

LILY (FLOWER): Eibhlinn Sharkey


DAISY (FLOWER): Xanthe Stangel

MARCH HARE: Scarlett Punda

MATHILDA: Isla Moreland

DOOR KNOB: Elsie Tischler

KING OF HEARTS: Emerson Hudson-Collins

SEEDLING: Indi McDonald

BUBBLY COOL: Chet Pobjoy


Ted Hart

Thomas Defrancesco

Erin Barling

Allora Chandler

Ada Corcoran

Ella Rossiter

Rori McKinnon

Saskia Viser

Isabel White

Samara Plastini-Robbins

Hayley Symons

Sophie Murrell

Suessical Jr. Cast

Cat in The Hat: Sophia Grant

Horton: Lochie Slater

Gertrude: Chloe Bailie

Mayzie: Ingrid Salla

Bird Girl 1 (Top): Melody Campbell Gordon

Bird Girl 2 (Middle): Lana Karlusic

Bird Girl 3 (Low): Sofia Knight

Sour Kangaroo: Ashlee May

Baby Kangaroo: Milla Scott

Wickersham Brother 1/ Fish : Rosie Tuck

Wickersham Brother 2/ Fish : Ruby Parotta

Wickersham Brother 3/ Fish: Annie Grave

Vlad Vladikoff/ Fish: Guy Wingrave

Yertle the Turtle: Archie Hudson-Collins

Jungle animal/ Fish: Laura Van Der Vlist

Jungle animal/ Fish: Montana Olsen

Jungle animal/ Fish : Ruby Brockman

Jungle animal/ Fish: Rosie Grave

JoJo: India Wright

Mr Mayor: Will Roffey

Mrs Mayor: Ebony Plowman

Grinch/Sea creature: Rylah Chandler

Thing 1: Tess Chatham

Thing 2: Charlotte McGuiness

General Schmitz/Sea Creature: Charlie Cowled

Cindy Lou/ Sea Creature: Kendra Ball

Sam I am/ Sea Creature: Hannah Kristiansen


Madison Howe

Olive Pobjoy

Bridie Orr

Isabella Barberio

India Buchanan - Marischinre

Delanee Collins


Connor McKinnon

Emily Cowled

Summer Watts

Vocal Captains

Rylah Chandler

Maddison Howe

Dance Captains

Laura Van Der Vlist

Montana Olsen

High School Musical Jr. Cast

Troy Bolton: Jacob Carr

Chad Danworth : Hamish New

Zeke Baylor: Stuart Reid

Sharpay Evans: Charli Rowe

(Understudy: Rose Chambers)

Ryan Evans: Seb Dowler

Kelsi Neilsen: Marcie McGowan

James: Josh Giblin

Susan: Abby Livesay

Cathy: Ashleigh Nearn (Vocal Captain)

Cyndra: Anabella Milne

Gabriella Montez: Kaitlyn Eastwood

(Understudy: Marcie McGowan)

Taylor McKessie: Rose Chambers

Martha Cox: Chilli McGowan

Jackie Scott: Eloise Wingrave

Ripper: Bella Lear

Mongo: Sabrina Horne

Ms Darbus: Sarah Read

Coach Bolton: Jennifer Roache

Ms Tenny: Lucy Martin

Decathlon Moderator: Tanika Manning

Head Cheerleader - Betty: Ava Weise (Dance Captain)

Cheerleader - Lou Lou: Emma Mitchell

Cheerleader – Mary Beth: Ivy Parkinson

Cheerleader - Harper: Lucy Martin

Cheerleader - Scarlett: Ellie Loveless

Violet: Liz Hooper

Jade: Maddy Chandler

Penny: Claire Townsen

Maya: Neve Whittaker

Ruby: Racquel Wright

Elite Show Case Cast

Sophia Grant

Maddison Howe

Lana Karlusic

Cassiana Marcu

Marcie McGowan

Emma Mitchell

Olive Pobjoy

Jennifer Roache

Lochie Slater

Georgia Slaymaker

Ella White

Bending Broadway Cast

Jess Anderson

Ruby Buchanan

Charlotte Crowley

Amanda Biffin

Emilia Dowler

Violet Feduniw

Jessica Flowers

Bec Harland

Karly Hogan

Caitlyn Lear

Katie Loxston

Cassidy McFadden

Michele Marcu

Alicia O’Bree

Connor Rawson

Simon Thorne

Leanne Treloar

The 2019 CPAA program is proudly sponsored by Executive Travel Management

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