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Audience support flyer

The mental health of our audiences and visitors is paramount.

Sometimes at CentreStage we stage works that are challenging, provocative or works that may have content, themes or even effects that could impact the mental health of those experiencing it. Here are some words that might help you support the mental health of your audiences and visitors.

We hope this helps support the mental health and wellbeing of our wonderful audiences. Special thanks to Dr. Alison Robb for her expert assistance in developing the phrasing of the flyer.

Hear a story. Connect. Imagine. Discover.

The performing arts have the power to move, excite, challenge, inspire and affect us.

We trust that you will take care of yourself, including your mental health and wellbeing when experiencing the magic of theatre.

If your engagement with the arts has triggered something for you or otherwise affected your mental health or wellbeing, please seek support.

Arts Wellbeing Collective Flyer Audience
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