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Free sanitary pads and tampons at CentreStage

Helping our community promote positive menstrual health

Free pads, tampons, underwear and additionals are now available in every CentreStage location –because being able to access sanitary products shouldn't be a barrier to students getting the most out of their education. In Victoria periods are no longer a taboo. Victoria is the first state or territory in Australia to ensure every government school student has universal access to free sanitary products, and CentreStage believes that we are no different.

CentreStage will:

  • provide students with the confidence that there will always be sanitary items available at school

  • relieve students of the stigma, anxiety and discomfort associated with menstrual hygiene management so they can focus on their studies

  • ease the cost of living for families.

Sanitary items are a necessity, not a luxury, and the free sanitary pads and tampons in public schools initiative will support tens of thousands of students across the state. Lack of easy access to pads and tampons can negatively impact on students' participation in sport and everyday school activities. Students may not be able to concentrate in class, feel comfortable or feel confident doing physical activity, or they may miss school altogether. By making sanitary pads and tampons freely available at school, we are one step closer to educational equality. The use of sanitary items provided at school is entirely voluntary. Providing both sanitary pads and tampons allows students to make a choice based on their own needs, cultural beliefs, maturity and preferences. Our educators play an important role in promoting a positive culture around menstrual health and building a supportive environment among the school community. The initiative aims to reduce the stigma of periods, making CentreStage a more inclusive place which will help students focus on their studies.

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