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Introducing the cast of Addams Family by CPAA

We're finger clickin' excited to announce the two different cast for our upcoming Performing Arts Academy production of The Addams Family. Our teachers and creative team are so proud of all our students completing their "callbacks" virtually last weekend.

To purchase tickets for the October production, Click here

It was a tough decision, but here are the cast lists:

Seniors Blue

Morticia Addams:

Alannah Farrar

Gomez Addams:

Luke Cara

Wednesday Addams:

Alisha Jones

Understudy: Ebony Plowman

Pugsley Addams:

Chloe Baillie

Grandma Addams:

Delanee Collins

Understudy: Carla Kure

Uncle Fester:

Rosie Tuck

Understudy: Kai Robinson

Lucas Bineke:

Liam Handley

Alice Bineke:

Melody Campbell Gordon

Understudy: Annie Radnay

Mal Bineke:

Adam Vriens


Guy Wingrave

Cousin IT:

India Wright


Tess Field

Kai Robinson

Annie Radnay

Ebony Plowman

India Buchanan

Lochie Slater

Ashlee May

Karla Cure

Rylah Chandler

Esther Mathers

Sarah Giesen-White

Kaleb Nicholls

Alannah Fitzgerald

Ava Kasperovic

Bridie Griffith

Bridie Orr

Hayley Argent

Imogen Ford

Louise Van-Baar

Ruby Brockman

Paige Firth

Ruby Parotta

Seniors Green

Morticia Addams:

Maya Supple

Gomez Addams:

Abby Livesay

Wednesday Addams:

Ava Wiese

Pugsley Addams:

Chilli McGowan

Grandma Addams:

Lucy Martin

Uncle Fester:

Bella Lear

Lucas Bineke:

Em Mitchell

Alice Bineke:

Marcie McGowan

Mal Bineke:

Ashleigh Nearn


Ryan Milich

Cousin IT:

Liz Hooper

Ancestor :

Eloise Wingrave

Annabella Milne

Caitlin Atwell

Jazmine Atwell

Ellie Loveless

Grace Vassallo

Isabella Kelly

Ivy Parkinson

Josh Giblin

Neve Whittaker

Raquel White

Ruth Scott

Sabrina Horne

Tanika Manning

We once again thank everyone for their time and look forward to rehearsals commencing this Saturday. Parents please check the student portal for more information.


Michele, Jake and Jamie


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