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Get Ready to March into Geelong Arts Centre for The Music Man!

Are you ready to be swept away by a classic tale of music, mischief, and marching bands?

Well, get ready to mark your calendars because CentreStage's production of The Music Man is coming to the Geelong Arts Centre from March 8 to March 23. Tickets go on sale next week, and you won't want to miss this toe-tapping, heartwarming show!

The Music Man is a beloved musical that first hit the Broadway stage in 1957 and has been captivating audiences ever since. The story revolves around a charismatic con man named Harold Hill, who poses as a traveling music professor and swindles the good people of River City, Iowa. He convinces the townsfolk to invest in a boys' marching band but has no intention of teaching them to play. However, when Hill meets Marian Paroo, the town librarian, and develops genuine feelings for her, his plans start to unravel. With memorable songs and a heartwarming message, "The Music Man" is a show that's not to be missed!

If you're looking for a show that combines humour, romance, and catchy tunes, The Music Man is the perfect choice. Managing Director David Greenwood is thrilled to bring this classic story to the Geelong Arts Centre, saying,

"We're excited to feature local artists on local stages, continuing the tradition of entertaining and enlightening our community. The core values and messages of 'The Music Man' remain true and relevant today."

We are still on the hunt for our dynamic Harold Hill! If you think you're up for the challenge, can sing and dance well, don't hesitate to email David Greenwood at or reach out to your preferred creative team member to start the discussion. This could be your chance to shine in a timeless production.

"The Music Man" is filled with memorable tunes and witty lines. Some of the most iconic songs and quotes from the show include:

- "Seventy-Six Trombones" – A rousing, foot-stomping number that kicks off the show in style.

- "Goodnight, My Someone" – A touching and tender ballad that showcases the romantic tension between Harold and Marian.

- "Ya Got Trouble" – A fast-paced, hilarious song where Harold Hill warns the townsfolk of the dangers of a new pool table.

- "Till There Was You" – A beautiful love song that captures the moment Harold's heart begins to change.

Last Staged in Geelong in 1985:

It's been nearly four decades since The Music Man graced the Geelong stage, and we're thrilled to bring this classic back to our local community. Whether you saw it back in '85 or are experiencing it for the first time, you're in for a treat.

The Cast:

Here's a glimpse of the talented cast that will bring "The Music Man" to life:

Harold Hill: TBA

Marian Paroo: Georgia Ellen

Marcelus Washburn: Tim Maloney

Mayor Shinn: Trent Inturissi

Eulalie Mackecknie-Shinn: Tammy Berry

Mrs Paroo: Terri Powell

Tommy Djilas: Flynn Wilkie-Clarke

Zanetta Shinn: Chloe Lewis

Winthrop (River City Youth Cast): Archie Gaylard

Winthrop (Rock Island Youth Cast): Charlton Keogh

Amaryllis (River City Youth Cast): Aria McHenry

Amaryllis (Rock Island Youth Cast: Emily McClure

Charlie Cowell: Murray Plowman

Olin Britt: Joel Lane

Euwart Dunlop: Jack Bartell

Jacey Squires: Jack McPhail

Oliver Hix: Storm Randall

Ethel Toffelmier: Zoe Rossbotham

Maud Dunlop: Lily Peterwood

Mrs Squires : Chanelle Tait

Alma Hix / Marian Understudy: Jenn Stirk

Dance Captain: Shaun Pegoraro

Ensemble: Ava Wiese, Avril Wojniusz, Cassiana Marcu, Declan Parisi, Ebony Plowman, Jasmin Wilson, Jeremy Logan, Jo Jarwood, Julianne Wilde, Marcie McGowan, Paul Tyson, Rebecca Del Bianco and Shaughn Pegoraro

River City Youth Cast: Audrey Hanneysee, Baxter Hyatt, Daniel Lim, Devi Berends, Eddie Finnigan, Ella Tiddy, Ella White, Evie Dawson, Giulia Demarte, Harriet Stepto, Hiro Bigmore, Isla Bright, Jessie Grinter, Magdalena Jones, Milla Best, Molly Martin, Molly Stewart

Rock Island Youth Cast: Amelia Sentfleben, Audrey Dylewski, Ava McClure, Baxter Hudson-Collins, Emily Flynn, Emmerson Hudson-Collins, Ethan Vohmann, Evie Dando, Isabel White, Layla Best, Lilly Glover-Smith, Olivia Maurer, Saxon Wilde, Sophie Branson, Tess McKeague, Xanthe Stangel

Join us at the Geelong Arts Centre from March 8 to March 23 for a magical journey through small-town America with The Music Man. Secure your tickets next week and be part of the revival of this timeless classic. It's a show that will have you humming the tunes long after the curtains close! Don't forget, we're still on the lookout for our dynamic Harold Hill, so if you have what it takes, reach out and be part of the magic. See you at the show!

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Marching into Geelong Arts Centre for The Music Man is going to be an incredible experience! This classic musical promises an evening filled with toe-tapping tunes, captivating performances, and a vibrant atmosphere. The Geelong Arts Centre is set to transform into a stage where the magic of The Music Man comes alive. This music is bound to become popular, so buy soundcloud likes to playlist:

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