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An update from CentreStage

To the members of the CentreStage community,

Since early 2020, we have been tracking the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation, offering standing guidance and regular updates to our team members. We will continue that practice. However, with the disease now established in Australia and the long-term effects now becoming more evident on the Arts industry, we are releasing the following information about the postponed January production of West Side Story.

Recently, in the past weeks, CentreStage has attempted to re-stage the production of West Side Story originally planned for March 2020. I know that both the spread of this disease and our decisions about it, affect not only CentreStage programs and planning, but the lives of individuals. For many of you, the steps we are taking to protect the health of the community may involve significant inconvenience and personal sacrifice. Please accept my gratitude in advance for your goodwill and understanding.

I also hope we can be sensitive to each other’s burdens in this situation and make accommodations to support one another where we can. I count on every member of our community to make sure that the discrimination, shunning and bullying that sometimes accompany an outbreak never occur at CentreStage or within our community.

The planned programming of West Side Story for January 2021 has been cancelled and will not be staged at a later date.

In addition:

The planned programming of Priscilla for March 2021 has been cancelled and will be reviewed during 2022 when applicable.

We understand that this news may cause heartache and disappointment to our cast, creatives and volunteers, many of whom have spent that last 24 months working on this project. We continue to encourage our network to actively engage with the Arts Wellbeing Collective (a complimentary service) and Beyond Blue for assistance whilst navigating this difficult situation.

The CentreStage Performing Arts Academy is un-affected. Classes and production will continue as planned.

We thank you for understanding during this tough time and encourage you to not give up on the arts. Love theatre, be creative and support those that take the risk to stage musicals throughout Australia.

Stay safe, look after each other and spread positivity and love.

David Greenwood

Managing Director


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