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CentreStage announces magical cast for Puffs: Onstage August 2021

"Hiiiiiiii. We are wizards…..and we go to this school!”

CentreStage is delighted to announce our magical August production of Puffs. In collaboration with Origin Theatrical and Concord Theatrical, CentreStage will bring to life the work of Matt Cox following 7 eventful years of a certain school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Tickets are now on sale at

22 cast members are coming together to tell this story. They appear in no particular order:

Narrator: Chris Anderson

Wayne Hopkins: Alex McGuigan

Megan Jones: Deanne Elliott

Oliver Rivers: Seamus Kennedy

Ernie Mac/Voldy/Professor Turban/Professor Locky/Potions Teacher/Ghost History Teacher/Seamus/A Very Tall Man/Real MrMoody/Mr Nick/ A Certain History Teacher: Liam Erck

Professor McGee/Runes Teacher/Xavia Jones/Ms Babble/Professor Lanny/Professor Sprouty/First Head Master: Shani Clarke

J Finch/Goyle/Victor/Fat Friar/Zac Smith/Mr Bagman: PJ White

Susie Bones/Myrtle/Death Buddy: Madeleine Hoogstra

Leanne/Ginny: Lauren Atkin

Cedric/ Death Buddy: Ashley Thompson

Hannah: Ella Edwards

Sally Perks/Hermoone/Bippy: Annah Kucharski

Uncle Dave/Second Head Master/ Death Buddy/ Improv Character: Simon Thorne

Harry/Colin: Hannah Senftleben

Clumsy Longbottom/Sal/Death Buddy/ Improv Character/ Yule Ball Student: Timothy Ian McMullin

Frenchy/Death Buddy: Abby Livesay

Rita Scooter/Death Buddy/ Yule Ball Student / Improv Character: Chelsea Matheson

Hermoone #3/ Yule Ball Student /Death Buddy: Sarah Droscher

Rick Gryff/ Hermoone #2, Death Buddy/ Yule Ball Student: Marcus King

Helga / Death Buddy / Improv Character / Yule Ball Teacher: Carolyn Edwards

Blondo Malfoy /Death Buddy/ Improv Character/ Yule Ball Student: Jasmin Wilson

Rowena / Death Buddy / Improv Character/ Yule Ball Student : Steph Beall

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