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Bookable via or your Dance Studio Pro Account


We are passionate about providing affordable access to education. We are able to do that by continually expanding and offsetting costs across multiple projects. That's how we keep our prices so low. 

Training at CentreStage will allow you to sing confidently and clearly anywhere in your range, singing through the different areas of the voice, with all your words clearly understood.

Our vocal coaches have years of experience in a range of areas, from live band performance to recording in a studio to musical theatre.


Learn vocal techniques, strengthen your voice, improve your range, prepare for a performance - whatever your voice goals are, we can help you reach them!

Voice development sessions are perfect for building confidence, finding your style and sound, and perfecting techniques that make you a better vocalist and artist.

Private vocal lessons with either Cate, Josh, Sally-Anne, Eleanor, Rose, or Leticia provide training with a focus on the intricacies of your individual singing voice. Benefits being more voice elasticity, stamina, strength and ability.


Bookable via or your Dance Studio Pro Account

Private Singing Lessons (30 and 60 minutes)

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