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At CentreStage, we celebrate singers making beautiful music during COVID-19 restrictions. It's our privilege to offer our theatre community a virtual platform for Geelong to watch, cheer and vote for their favourite artist. Up for grabs is $350 worth of vouchers that can be redeemed for merchandise, tickets or student fees. 

Be it musical theatre, pop, rock or even country, great vocalists are those who sing with effortless finesse that induce a feeling of true content in the heart of the listener, and the performer who make a mark on this world. Sing as a group or as a solo, but don't forget to enter before October 1st. 

A virtual Livestream event will occur on Saturday 3rd via at 7pm AEST to showcase our amazingly talented entries. 

The Essentials

1. What genre can my song be?

At CentreStage we encourage diversity. You can choose anything that best showcases your voice. Whether that's musical theatre, punk, pop, rock, indie, acapella or even Country.

2. Is there an age limit?

No. This competition is open to all ages. Individuals under the age of 18 must have consent prior to submitting. 

3. Can I perform with a friend or group?

Yes. You can sing a solo, duet or group. Please maintain safe COVID practices if filming as a small group and adhere to any legal requirements

4. What can I spend my voucher on?

Anything at CentreStage. That could be part of our extensive merchandise range, student fees, raffle or show tickets or even donate your prize as a scholarship for a student to attend classes. The choice is yours. 

5. Can I use a video already published that I filmed months ago?

No. All submissions must be new videos. 


6. How will the Live Stream work?

We will collate the performance videos  Contestants will never have to perform live. Whilst the whole process will be pre-recorded, the stream will be live with viewers able to watch the performance unfold at the same time. 



  • Contestants that are under 18 years old must have permission by their parents to enter the competition and have their performance distributed online.

  • The winners will be decided by a public voting period (48 hours) after the live stream event. Likes will be worth 1 vote and shares will be worth 2 votes (of the original CentreStage Post)

  • All prizes are subject to availability, expire within 6 months




1.1 MEDIA RELEASE: I give full permission to CentreStage to use my name and image in any aspect in relation to the singing competition event. 


1.2 CONFIDENTIALITY: I understand and agree to maintain this confidentiality agreement for anything in relation to the company of CentreStage its competition event. I agree to keep all aspects of the production confidential, including conversations in person or online,  documents, music materials, or intellectual property.

CentreStage is driven by a desire to provide access to the Arts, through musical theatre, to as many people in our community as possible. As an organisation, we support the inclusion of all people and offer opportunities to various community groups to access the arts and attend our productions through support of charitable organisations. This includes local community services providers, such as Gen U, supporting people with disabilities and people in aged care facilities to attend productions, along with local schools, clubs and community partners.

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