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Become a VIP

You’ve pulled back the curtain to unveil the hidden VIP secrets of CentreStage

As a VIP, you're our most important guests, and we’ll do almost anything to ensure your business is exposed to a fresh audience and that you get real results - and the warm fuzzy feeling for supporting the Geelong theatre community. In this pack, we've outlined various opportunities to ensure we provide you with the  quality of service we promise. We hope that your business is able to support our group of dedicated individuals. Your contribution will allow hundreds of performers the opportunity to appear onstage and provide local entertainment to Geelong.

CentreStage is driven by a desire to provide access to the Arts, through musical theatre, to as many people in our community as possible. As an organisation, we support the inclusion of all people and offer opportunities to various community groups to access the arts and attend our productions through support of charitable organisations. This includes local community services providers, such as Gen U, supporting people with disabilities and people in aged care facilities to attend productions, along with local schools, clubs and community partners.

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