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CentreStage is delighted to accept applications for creative team roles for our March Production of the Music Man at the Geelong Arts Centre. 

"The Music Man" tells the story of a con man named Harold Hill, who poses as a boys' band leader and plans to skip town with the money he collects from unsuspecting families. However, he didn't expect to fall in love with the town's librarian, Marian, and end up having to confront his true feelings and past. The show is filled with memorable songs and lively dance numbers, making it an absolute joy to watch.

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We are thrilled to be able to bring this production to the Geelong Arts Centre's Playhouse Theatre, one of the most esteemed venues in the region. Our team is already hard at work preparing for the show, and we cannot wait to share it with audiences in 2024.

We're looking for a diverse team (new and experienced) to join our band of creatives. 

Please note we have filled the role of Director which will be announced shortly and within our production team interviews taking place via Zoom between July 1-12

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate newcomer, we encourage you to apply for the various roles available, including (but not limited to):

Producer: As a producer, you will be at the forefront of bringing "The Music Man" to life. You will oversee the production's financial and logistical aspects, ensuring smooth operations and a successful outcome.

Musical Director: As the musical director, you will be responsible for leading the orchestra and working closely with the cast to create captivating musical performances. Your expertise in music theory, conducting, and collaboration will be essential to the production's success.

Choreographer: The choreographer's role is crucial in bringing vibrant and engaging dance routines to the stage. You will work closely with the director and cast to create exciting and visually stunning dance numbers that enhance the overall performance.

Vocal Director: Do you have a keen ear for harmonies and a knack for coaching singers? Join us as a Vocal Director and help our talented cast members deliver outstanding vocal performances. Your expertise will be crucial in ensuring that the melodies and lyrics are delivered with precision and emotion.


VIP and Sponsorships: We are seeking someone with exceptional interpersonal skills to take charge of VIP and sponsor relations. As part of this role, you will engage with our valued patrons and sponsors, providing them with a unique and memorable theatre experience. Your ability to cultivate relationships and secure sponsorships will be vital in supporting our production.

Costume Assistants: Costume assistants play a vital role in realizing the vision of the costume designer. You will assist in costume fittings, alterations, and maintenance throughout the production, ensuring that each character's wardrobe reflects their personality and the time period of the show.

Properties: As part of the properties team, you will be responsible for selecting, creating, and maintaining the various props used in the production. Your attention to detail and creativity will help transport the audience to the world of "The Music Man."

Marketing: The marketing team will be instrumental in promoting the production and attracting audiences. From creating eye-catching posters to managing social media campaigns, you will help generate excitement and ensure a successful turnout for each performance.

Stage Management: As a stage manager, you will be the backbone of the production. From coordinating rehearsals to overseeing backstage operations during performances, your organizational skills and ability to work under pressure will be key to keeping everything running smoothly.


Hair and Makeup: As part of the hair and makeup team, you will work closely with the cast to create stunning looks that enhance each character's appearance. From period hairstyles to special effects makeup, you will contribute to the overall visual presentation of the show.

Applications for all positions are due by July 1st. Please submit your resume, portfolio, and any relevant materials by clicking here We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcoming you to our CentreStage family as we embark on this wonderful journey with "The Music Man."

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Core Dates:

Performance Dates: March 8 - 23, 2024

Virtual Information Session: Monday, September 11

Auditions: September 27 - October 8th

Rehearsals Commence Monday: 30th October

Rehearsal Break: Dec 18- Jan 21

Rehearsal Weekend: Dec 16/17 & Jan 27/28

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